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CIELA is an online tool for analysing Chinese IP
administrative appeals and civil infringement proceedings.

  • What is CIELA?

    CIELA is a unique, highly innovative online tool providing statistical analysis of IP administrative appeals, and civil infringement litigation proceedings in China.

    We've spent thousands of hours gathering data from more than 50,000 published IP judgments across all major IP courts in China since 2006 to provide rights owners the information they need to develop an informed approach to enforcement in China.

  • Why CIELA?

    The growth of IP litigation in China in the past several years has been bewildering from 18,000 civil and administrative IP cases concluded in 2006, to over 171,699 concluded in 2016.

    But for many foreign rights owners a fog of uncertainty still hangs over the litigation landscape in China, with little meaningful data available to separate misconception from reality.

  • What can it do?

    CIELA can be accessed in two ways: CIELA Online as a FREE web-app and CIELA Research which is a customised research service.

    CIELA Online - The online analysis tool allows you to view: overall win/loss rates, compensation amounts and more broken down by IP right, courts, and by industry. View our Features to see what CIELA Online can do.

    CIELA Research - Reports produced by Rouse which provide clients with customised analysis of civil infringement, administrative appeals, and PRB decisions. Visit our Research page for more details. Download a free sample report here.

  • Who is it for?

    Industry – CIELA assists businesses with understanding various IP related risks such as litigation success rates, and to help support R&D investment decisions based on administrative outcomes.

    Professional Services – CIELA acts as a decision support tool when instructing clients on potential enforcement actions, location selection for litigation, and as a reference when valuing an IP portfolio.

    Academia – CIELA provides insight to the development of the IP system within China's administrative and judicial arenas. Topics of research may include the IP system’s impact on innovation, IP transparency, drivers for litigation, and more.

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